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If you are here then you have a computer all set up to run a miner and want a script that will automatically start your Vega's at full hash rate... but you don't want to use the tool that monitors for hash rate and resets when there is a hash drop (click HERE if that is what you want). 

The method below offers a one click method to disable drivers, enable drivers, run OverdriveNTool (or any other GPU tool), and start any miner you want.

This script does not offer hash rate monitoring so if your Vega's drop from full speed to 1600h/s, which they do from time to time due to flaky drivers...  your miner will keep on trucking without noticing or taking action.

(FYI - You may have heard this used to require Devcon.exe... it is no longer required)

    Setup a Script to Reset your Vegas and Start the miner:

      • Copy "OverdriveNTool.exe", "OverdriveNTool.ini" files to your miner directory (i.e. c:\castXMR ).
        • We will once again be using a script provided by the acclaimed @TheJerichoJones.  Copy and paste the text from his 'JJs_Reset_n_Run_Tool" located HERE and remove the '.txt' so the file name becomes: "JJs_Reset_n_Run_Tool.cmd" - save to your miner directory 
        • We need three pieces of information for the script:
          1. The name of your miner executable
          2. Any parameters you send to your miner at the command line.
          3. The line of text in the Run_OverdriveNTool.bat file we made earlyer
          • For instance, the command to start CastXMR is:
          cast_xmr -S [pool server] -u [username or wallet address]
          • So the miner executable is: cast_xmr-vega.exe
            • For XMR-Stak the executable is "xmr-stak.exe"
          • The parameters are: -S [pool server] -u [username or wallet address] -p -G NumForEachVega

        • Edit "JJs_Reset_n_Run_Tool.cmd":  
          • 1) Scroll down until you see the line of test that says:
            • SET MinerEXE=XMR-STAK.EXE
            • Change the value after the equal sign to match the name of your executable
            • SET MinerEXE=cast_xmr-vega.exe

          • 2) Scroll down two lines until you see a line of text that says:
            • SET MinerOpts=--config config.txt.supportxmr
            • Change the value after the equal sign to match your parameters
            • SET MinerOpts=--S [pool server] -u [username or wallet address] -p -G NumForEachVega 

          • 3) Scroll down Find the section of code shown below and replace the underlined portion with the miner name of your choosing.
            • SET VidTool1=OverdriveNTool.exe -p1Vega64
            • Change the value after the equal sign to equal the exact line of text from the "Run_OverdriveNTool.bat" file we made earlier.  In my case:
            • SET VidTool1=OverdriveNTool.exe -r1 -r2 -r3 -r4 -p1Vega64 -p2Vega56 -p3Vega56 -p4Vega64

        • Save the file and you are ready to mine.
        • (Optional)  All the files have to stay together in your miner directory but it can be helpful to make a shortcut for your desktop. 
        • You can now start mining whenever you want by double clicking your shortcut.
          • Windows will ask if it can run as administrator because it is going to reset your Vega's
          • Script automatically resets your Vega's
          • Script automatically runs your OverdriveNTool command
          • Script automatically starts the miner.
          • Thanks to TheJerichoJones for this awesome script!
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